October 21, 2008

That "Green" Tea

You probably haven't thought about it, but you could be wasting electricity (and money) by boiling too much water when you make tea. I know I never thought about it, but the good people at EcoKettle have.

In fact this UK company contends that "...if everyone stopped overfilling their kettles, we'd save enough electricity to power the nation's street lights for seven months." I love how they figure out kilowatts into practical terms such as a nation's average running capacity for all street lights -- I'm glad that's not my job to unearth these bizarre comparisons, but it has made me take a step back and think about my own tea-brewing practices.

It's a good thing the planet-friendly folk at EcoKettle have us covered. Their water brewing devise has 2 chambers, one to brew the correct amount of water, the other as a resevoir. The user's score is signifgantly lower than the editor's score. As I don't have one, I can't really give you my own review. I would however like to remind my readers that they should be able to enjoy their tea without creating a lot of waste.

Did you know? Boiling a kettle uses far more power than leaving a computer on overnight. Your tea can cost you less with the Ecokettle though, which thanks to sensible shaping and wiring uses an average of 31 per cent less power than your ordinary pot, and Ecokettle claims it’s even helped cut carbon emissions by 500 tons.

Other Tips for Greening your Tea:
- only boil as much water as you need
- use loose tea (less packaging!)
- never use paper or disposable cups
- compost your used tea leaves
- too much tea? not enough time? water your plants with any lukewarm/cold tea!

Sip Madly - and Responsibly!
Mdm Potts

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Petite Ace of Spades said...

Yay ! I do all these !!!
I am so green ;)

And I think that's great that you give these advices.
Thanks for helping people who need inspiration by giving little helpful and no-fuss tips :)

x x x