September 25, 2008

Mad Kettles of Tea!

There's something about a tea kettle that exudes a certain sense of "hearth and home" -- a warmth shared by friends and family, coming together. No other kitchen appliance sends the same message. Not coffee pots, not bread makers, not blenders.

The tea kettle is nurturing. Even if only ever used when sick, the sight of a tea kettle boiling water makes the body and spirit feel a sense of relief - that help is on the way...

It's no wonder why then, the World Kitchen, in coordination with The Industrial Designers Society of America, is holding a Tea Kettle Design Competition called Tea Off!

From their site:
The functions of a kettle are manifold. First, it must hold a dangerous substance-boiling water. It must operate safely and reliably. It must communicate its status instantly. When well designed, it elevates the experience of preparing, sharing, and consuming tea. No small task....
What is the place of this icon in the context of the 21st century home and life experience? Is it the communal magnet or the microwavable drink-and-dash all-in-one? Through this competition, we invite you to celebrate with us the rich heritage of tea, and explore the future place of the tea kettle.

This is just an excerpt from their Invitation to Enter, which explains their philosophy and their regard for all that ever has been and will be the art of brewing. and for a moment in time, it gave me appreciate with true gratitude the function and purpose of my tea kettle. I use a glass kettle. Strong and Massive. Able to handle the voracious demands of the Madam of the Pot. I like to see my water as it comes to a boil. I like knowing the approximate temperature by the agitation of the water and the bubbles , instead of using a thermometer... I feel my tea kettle is unique..a word that filters into my entire tea philosophy. I inherited it from my grandmother. A relic of the 50's or 60's, when entertaining in the home was far more common place than it is these days.

So, as I sit here, sipping my genmaicha...I wish you all warmth, in your hearts and in your homes.

And if you are feeling a bit Tea-d Off, you have until January 9th, 2009 to submit your entry.

Happy Mad Designing!

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