April 18, 2008

Madam Potts Live!

Dear Friends ~

It is with much excitement and anticipation that I bring you this next announcement...

Madam Potts will be giving a live interview with Siren FM (based in Lincoln, UK) on Wednesday, April 23rd. The show is called "Take On..." and this time the show is 'taking on' the subject of tea. How very cool for a first episode of this program to focus it on a topic so near and dear to my heart!
SirenFM is an eclectic community radio station which streams live on the Internet 24/7, 365 days/year. I have been listening to the station quite often and am enjoying the truly independent and even Random nature of their programming.

I will post a reminder next week with more information
about the show and the teas that will be tasted during the show.

Until then,
Happy Sipping!


Tea Escapade said...

Oh by the way, I meant to ask... How did you come about being asked to be on this show? (SIREN)

Madam Potts said...

Siren FM had contacted me about a specific blend that I had posted (Red Hot Chili Tea) and wanted to sample that on their show...and then as we got talking, they realized there was more to be had than just the one mad blend...I LOVE listening to Siren FM all the time now!