February 23, 2007

MAD Grounded

Meanwhile, I have been drinking MAD pots of roots....burdock, astragulus, echinacea - all good for the immune system....even tried dandelion this morning (detoxes the blood, good for the liver but VERY bitter).

Each time I take half an ounce of root to a pint (2 cups) of water - steep 8 hours for true medicinal brewing. I prepare this before I go to bed. I wake up, strain the infusion and drink.

What with the wacky weather changes, I've made sure that I pumped up the immune system this time. I get sick at the drop of a hat - heck - I've lost my voice for sitting in air conditioning!

And so far so good. For 2 weeks now I've been drinking down the roots.

I'm starting to drink herbs in the morning and my teas at night. It varies..what I drink..but I seem to be following a new pattern. And its got me feeling very strong, internally, physically, mentally.

What with the massive changes I am making in my life, some grounding is Good.

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