January 10, 2007

Welcoming in 2007

Is it me or has it finally gotten cold out? We have had some mild weather, sometimes it's straight up been Spring, but that hasn't stopped the Madam from brewing copious pots of tea!

I've started the year off with 2 orders for Custom Blend teas. I am finding that people are giving them as gifts. Birthday, Christmas, New Baby... I have been offering Custom Teas for just under a year now and with great success. Taste being so personal and subjective, I was not sure if this was a viable thing, to create blends based on a few listed personal preferences...I can't say that it doesn't make me nervous that someone might not like their blend. But so far so good!

New Year, New Tea Cafes! Word on the street is that Gramstand has finally opened a year-round cafe on Ave A between 13th & 14th. I haven't check it out yet, as they only opened 7 days ago. They were slated to open in November, and I had walked past in December and not seen anything. I had reported in October about their summer time location (now closed) - I'll be sure to report again!

Then, come Spring 2007 we should see the opening of Sanctuary Teas, opening in SoHo. They were slated to open in the Fall 2006 in TriBeCa. So I am looking forward to what happens here.
More and more places are turning to tea....which just makes my kettle sing for joy!

Any Tea News for the New Year? Please share it with us!

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