January 30, 2007

Tea Cafes in NYC

In "Tea Cafe News" around the city:

I visited Gramstand and spent a few good hours sipping tea with a friend of mine the other week. I foresee myself visting more often when it is warmer, only because Avenue A (b/w 13th & 14th) is always out of your way...but if that's the only downside, then that says a lot for a place that allows you to slow that NYCity pace and does not at all feel trendy or pretentious. The owner, Richard, is very knowledgable, and him and his staff make you feel welcomed to be there. Side note: get the brownies - they are served warm!

I found out that T Salon, once on 2oth St & 5th Ave has moved to 26th - so I will have to check this out soon and report back. I hope they have maintained the loose tea shop in addition to their cafe.

And: If you haven't visited
Franchia on Park Ave & 33rd, by all means go!
This authentic Korean tea house is worth the trip.
I'm looking forward to ending my day today with another visit.
And their sushi is above and beyond good!



Bill said...

Hey, do you come up with the names for your blends?

Madam Potts said...

The names of my blends are based on the source of inspiration!