October 02, 2006

Spotlight: Gram*Stand

When you live in a city like New York, you find that your life often brings you to areas within the city that one might not normally frequent. For whatever reason, your path diverts, allowing you to discover new places. (Gotta love this city for that!)

Such is the story of how Madam Potts stumbled upon the little cafe known as GramStand.
While it is a very little place, the tea is of good quality, the atmosphere is friendly - really - isn't that what we all want? Granted it's so small, there may not be room at the two chairs to sit down. It exemplifies the little joke I have about NY, where business owners say, "We only have room for one table? GREAT! Let's open a restaurant!" But I reiterate, friendly staff, good tea, nuff said...

And while you'll have to catch this little tea stand before mid-October....Fear not as they plan on opening a larger cafe on Ave A b/w 14th and 13th Streets soon - and the Madam will be sure to find her way over there and report when that time comes...

May Each Sip Be a Discovery.
- Madam Potts

1 comment:

Richard said...

Hey Madam Potts,

It was great to see you this weekend. Thanks for stopping by and checkin the place out. I love seeing others who not only appreciate tea, but consume it like there is no tomorrow. Keep up the drinkin and the blendin!

Gramstand Proprietor


To make a slight update to your post... the final new location is 214 Avenue A (b 13th and 14th).