September 18, 2006

Spotlight: The Mad Potter

Part of the joy of this blog, and about having gotten into tea at all, is the many marvelous and random encounters you have with other tea lovers. And so I felt particularly special to have met a man who exhibits the spirit of the Mad Pots blog....the mad potter himself, Andy Titcomb.

Andy's been making teapots of all sorts and sizes for over 30 years in North Cornwall, England. He designs, creates and decorates all of his teapots. Many are limited editions.
Take a look - shopping for tea pots was never so much fun!

Please be sure to check him out : The Mad Potter I have added the moniker, The Mad Potter, as a show of my utmost respect. It will be my pleasure to meet him at his studio one day....and have a mad tea party with him!

He also has a fun blog that you may be interested in reading: here

no stuffy rigid tea sipper Titcomb is a real novelTEA!

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Jago said...

I'm the Mad Potter's son, a Mad Illustrator...