December 08, 2005

Baby, It's Cold Outside

It's cold. Well, considering it's December...that comes as no surprise. And besides fluffy socks, my favorite thing about the winter is steamng mugs of delicious beverages. When I wake up, when I get to work, when I get home, before bed, walking down the street - in fact there isn't a time that I don't want a cup of something hot.

I tend to be an equal opportunity drinker and can enjoy any variety of temperature enhanced liquid refreshments. Of course I love tea (if I didn't then I guess you wouldn't have found this blog to begin with. I like to begin th emorning with an herbal blend (though not being a morning person, this often doesn't happen more than it does happen). And when I get to work, I enjoy my specially prepared hazelnut coffee from the deli. Then an hour later or so, I have moer tea. And then by the end of the day I've had another herbal blend...and at night more herbal tea, usually a potful before bed.

When it's snowing, like it was today, I might make myself a chai with milk, or a hot cocoa (yum!)

I hate cold. Once it's cold, I usually get sick to some degree. My body was made to live in Arizona or the like...but I live in New York. So, I try to find the one thing that can ward off cold. Only I change it up everyday. Sometimes it's an oolong, some days a chai, some days it's chamomile and lemon verbana, some days I don't get the coffee, some days it's nothing but hot cocoa...I don't think I could ever drink the same thing every day.

A Different day, a different drink.

Talking of which....excuse me, but my mug is empty again....

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