November 22, 2005

What's Brewing?

Been going to an Herbal medicine making class on Tuesdays - and I love it! Can't wait to take the next class and this one isn't even helf finshed. So easy to create your own medicinal oils and tinctures. Love, love, love this class.

I visited a tea house/shop last week in Chinatown: review to follow

Coming soon: Tea Chef for November, Rooibos tea. Just finished cooking tonight and while I realize midnight is late to eat, I wanted to be sure to get my entry in this month, as I was NOT able to do so last month. Hey, I rarely cook. The fact that Adagio got me to spend time in my kitchen through the use of TEA is pretty cool.

Just working on promoting my group CitySippers (to join click the box located on the side) - our first official event is coming up in December -- you don't even have to be local to enjoy this stay tuned for details and be sure to jon CitySippers for your chance to participate in the Great American Christmas 2005 Tea Swap.

I improved my rain tea. Remember how I really like Oolong when it's rainy out.
Add a touch of mint for that extra bit of uplift.

That's what's new with me....what's brewing with you?

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