January 05, 2005

In the Leaves....

I would love to work in the tea industry. I love tea, everything about it. I love the varieties, the pots and accessories, the brewing ritual. I love the way it makes me feel, I love what it can do for me. I love the endless blends and tastes you can create.

I started innocently enough by throwing an orange peel and cinnamon into some water -- after reading the side of a Celestial Seasonings box.

So, from time to time, when I have something to report, a new tea, a new company, ideas for the tea cafe that I would LOVE to open....I'll blog it.

So, brew yourself a cup and share your thoughts and comments along the way...

1 comment:

TURTLE said...

I say "A TEA CAFE?" Can't say that I have ever seen one of those.Maby in mother ENGLAND. Will you offer crumpets also ?

I like sassafras tea > expescially when you can find a sassafras tree and dig some fresh roots for your tea. If you find a tree you can dry the leaves and then smush them up real fine in an apothecaries pestle (like powder fine) and use it in your GUMBO. It is called GUMBO FILE when you buy it in the store. I do not know how to get my pc to put that funny little mark over the E in FILE.

Any "GOOD LUCK" If you do get into the tea cafe thing.