January 10, 2006

I have just had this blog over a year. As I spent some time recently re-reading past entries and taking into account all that has happened in 2005, it was exciting to see a marked progress. I really was a complete newbie to tea in January 2005. I knew I liked mixing herbals and that loose tea was infinitely more desirable than teabags....since then I have upgraded my teawares, filled out the tea shelf, studied herbalism, started a Yahoo group, subscribed to a tea trade magazine, I have invited people to tea, encouraged people to trade tea -- I have brewed mad pots of tea.

Through this blog I have chatted with people from across the country and each encounter has been enriching. I am still excited about the prospect of bonding with someone I've never met over something as simple as tea, thanks to the web.

So, I want to thank everyone who's stopped by to read and share and email me. There will be more to read...much more! Good things are brewing....new things for the new year.

Madam Potts

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